Bowker offers Bar Code service for publishers interested in making their books available for retail sale through standard transaction channels: retail bookstores and chains; online bookstores; wholesalers; and distributors. All of these channels require a standard bar code of your ISBN and EAN in order to process the sale of your books.

Getting Barcodes while the is not entirely functional

  1. Click on Click to Order Bar Codes Now!
    (You will not be charged for your order)
  2. On the next screen enter the number of barcodes and click Add to cart
  3. On the next screen click on Checkout
    (you will not be charged and won’t be asked to enter a credit card number)
  4. On the next screen enter your email address (you will have to enter it in both boxes)
  5. Enter the ISBN numbers for your barcodes and, if you want to, a price, then pick the file format.
    EPS is generally better unless you are using Microsoft Word
  6. Enter your billing information (you will not be billed)
  7. Click on Continue to next step
  8. On the next screen, after reviewing your order (note that under Payment it says, “Payment is not required to complete your order.”), click Complete Purchase
  9. Your barcode will be emailed to you immediately
Use Bowker's Bar Code service to:
  • Save time and effort in acquiring bar codes with electronic "one stop shopping."
  • Receive uniformly accepted bar code files of the highest quality.
  • Acquire the new EAN-13 bar codes! The book industry now recommends the ISBN-13 to be displayed above the bar code.
  • Learn how and where to use your bar codes.

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